Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adventure Time

Ein is an adventure dog. R has made it so. We love hiking and getting dirty, and Ein likes hiking and eating dead things. It all evens out. We went on a new trail in the Canyon on Saturday that ran alongside a river. Ein lost his mind. He's never been in quickly moving water before so, like kind and understanding dog parents, R and I threw him in. It was shallow enough for him to stand so after frantic paddling for no reason, he stood up and then would not come out.

He is, however, terrified of bridges. It's understandable, he's got 2 inch legs and each of the planks have about a 2 inch gap between them. It'd look like crossing over hell, if I was a corgi. So like kind and understanding parents, R and I made him cross them. All of them. He laid his ears back and sat on majestic corgi butt and made us drag him to the very edge every time. Once he realized we weren't yanking him across it, he pattered on over. Strange puppy.

It's easy to forget sometimes that he is still a baby and things that he doesn't understand still frighten him. I'm not necessarily a 'tough love' kind of mom, but I do want a well-rounded dog that is not afraid of (or worse, becomes aggressive towards) things he doesn't understand. That's why I make him do what he doesn't want to when I know it won't impact his safety. It also helps him know that R and I will be there to protect him, and he can trust us. It's beneficial all the way around. 

I feel bad, sometimes, making him overcome fears, but that's a difficult part of being a parent. When he gets across that bridge and licks my ankles to let me know he's okay, the trust and concern he shows me makes up for the fact that I had to drag his thirty-pound butt in the first place.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I own a Land Shark.

Everyone knows that sharks are very intelligent, just sometimes not so 'bright'. Such is Ein. My landshark doubles as a vacuum, which is a blessing and a curse, but he is certainly a shark. My toes are not safe unless they are housed safely in shoes, but Eins' way of showing us love is nibbling and washing our feet with his mouth. I called him tiny Jesus last night for it while he was using my big toe as floss. R did not find it as funny as I did.

The satellites are fine-tuned to hear a crumb drop at a distance of roughly 135 feet.

 R and I share a love of corgis, and this is how Ein came to be ours. I feel like in a relationship, before you have children, you ought have pets. I still have my loving (and overweight) lab, but R and I really wanted to get our own. We bought him from a very nice gentleman in Corsicana, Texas, and he has been a joy and a headache ever since.

It is nice in the evenings however, to watch your television in between giant party hats, and it adds humor when he growls to protect us from animals on the TV. It's never a dull moment, that's for sure.

- E & K

Monday, April 1, 2013


testing, testing..

Everything seems to be working so far.

Welcome. I thought I'd challenge myself by blogging. I have a funny little corgi that likes to be involved in everything I do. Because of this, I get to pepper in my favorite things, and how Ein likes to help. There will be some baking, some books, some walks, some waterfalls, and plenty of shenanigans throughout. Mostly, however, it will be about Ein.

Hope you like corgis.

- E & K